Esquerdes is a circus show which combines the balance ladder, air elements and music by means of three bodies in a give-and-take game between desire and escape.

What happens when someone bursts in a space for the first time? How does someone other’s presence transform or console us? What does it remain of us in the spaces where we have lived? With its own language between tragedy and comedy, Hotel iocandi puts the circus technique and the life music at the service of a universe full of questions about the human being’s fragility.


Concept and creation: Hotel iocandi

Performers: Tomeu Amer, Griselda Juncà y Joana Gomila

External Eye: Marta Torrents and Joan Manel Albinyana

Sound Design: Joana Gomila

Lights and sound: David Permanyer

Lyrics songs: Tomeu Amer

Design and construction of the structure: Ullrich Weiscel i Hotel iocandi

Costume: Nené i Las Chinas

With the support of Cultural Initiative Department (Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (OSIC). Generalitat de Catalunya, La Central del Circ, Ca l’Estruch and Festival Escena Poblenou


“[…] The spectators can’t take their eyes off the stage. It’s because of the idea of a clown and an antihero, but also because of the poetry created by the combination of these characters and also because of the charm of the balance, of the exercise that is almost impossible with a ladder in the middle. It is brilliant. They deserve a lot of attention from program managers because they get to combine circus, movement, music and theatre. It’s almost an opera, a show that is close to everyone. It’s a pleasure and an enjoyment. “

(Jordi Bordes – – 08/05/2015)

“[…] All this happens one day at noon in Manacor, among hundreds of stunned people with teary eyes. We pull at it with our own hands all together: the spectators, the rope, and the ladder goes down as if it were a box that closes everything above the exhausted and happy bodies of Griselda, Tomeu and Joana. All this happening is much more than a song, it is much more than acrobatics […] ”

(Toni Riera – CentperCent Manacor october 2015)

“[…] The assembly, which is unconventional, is far from the classical canons of a circus show, and it offers a well-integrated kind of humour. Although the show was somewhat weird, the spectators had a good time and were able to appreciate a presentation that was very well-structured and well-expressed by the trio. The ending was an original one: they invited some spectators to stand up and make a ladder go up and down with the pulleys until they managed to fix it at the level of the three artists. The show ended like this: magnificently “

(Marcel Barrera – Magazine Zirkolika 45)